Centurio Plus - Mechanical Key Lock

  • Centurio Plus - Keys with Mauer bow

    1/1Centurio Plus - Keys with Mauer bow

  • Centurio Plus - Keys with Mauer bow


Lock with flat bolt and 3-way closure.

Approx. 280,000 theoretical variations.

The lock cover can be used as a mounting plate and enables one to screw or weld the lock directly on to the door. Angles can be fitted optionally to provide screwed on or riveted connections to mount heavy duty blocking bolts.

The 74047 Centurio Plus lock is similar to the listed 74046 Centurio A Plus lock, but offers additional options which exclude certification. For example “keyed alike” or “non key retaining” versions are available.



  • EN 1300 A, ECB-S, VdS class 1, GOST class A, IMP class A, ICECON class A


  • 3-way closure
  • 8 levers, electrolytic galvanised steel
  • Key retained when in open position
  • Lock case and flat bolt electrolytic galvanised steel, throw 12 mm
  • Mounting plate (lock cover), electrolytic galvanised steel, 2 mm thick
  • Weight approx. 530 g

Admissible mounting positions

  • Right hand lock, opening clockwise

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