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Praetor - Mechanical Key Lock

Lock with dead bolt.

Approx. 60 million theoretical variations.

Standard footprint.

The 70087 Praetor lock is similar to the listed 70079 Praetor B lock, but offers additional options which exclude certification. For example “keyed alike” or “non key retaining” versions are available.


Product details


EN 1300 B, ECB-S, VdS-Klasse 2, CNPP a2p Niveau B, GOST-Klasse C, IMP-Klasse B, ICECON-Klasse B



  • Praetor - standard - Order number: 70087


  • Microswitch for bolt monitoring (2-way contact), 3 wires, cable length 210 mm - Option code: RSK
  • Lock case and bolt surface treated - Option code: SRO
  • Bolt extension to the back - Option code: RVH
  • Locks keyed alike - Option code: GSL
  • Not key retained when in open position, not suitable for access doors - Option code: SAB
  • Key marked with permutation number - Option code: RPP
  • Left hand lock opening counter-clockwise - Option code: SLG


  • Bolt extension to the front, incl. fixing screw - Order number: 3 118 000 420
  • Lock fixing screw: cheese head screw galvanised, DIN 84 - BSW ¼“ x 36 mm - 4.8, securing ring - Order number: 3 118 000 010
  • Leather pouch for detachable bit part - Order number: 1 408 999 900
  • Key carrier Servant K (see accessories for locks and bolt works)

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