Product Summary

Is there condensation in your passive house on the inside of the lock cylinder? Does your door have to face adverse weather? dormakaba has developed a special solution for these situations. The thermally insulated lock cylinder (TIC) solves these known problems.

  • Protection against condensation on the inside of the door
  • Protection against driving rain on the outside and higher protection against drafts (“blower door” test)
  • Foam rubber insulation for sealing the door lock
  • Ideal for passive houses, outside arcade doors or side doors
  • Available with double key override function or thumbturn knob

Product Details

The separation of the outside and inside with plastic components ensures thermal insulation. This prevents coldness and moisture from being transferred from the outside to the inside. Therefore, the known condensation cannot take place on the inside of the door. On the outside of the lock cylinder, a foam rubber seal exactly matching the cylinder as well as the special protection against driving rain provide additional protection against drafts. 

Areas of application
The thermally insulated lock cylinder is especially suitable for passive houses or special entry doors. The cylinder also shows its capabilities on outside arcade doors or side doors.

Technical Details


  • available in all current reversible key systems


  • Europrofile cylinder ø17 mm
  • Double cylinder (DZ)
  • Thumbturn cylinder (DKZ)

Thumbturn knobs

  • Round knob (RK)
  • Mega knob (MK)
  • Oval knob (OK) 

Surface finishes

  • nickel plated (NI)
  • dull brass (MS)
  • other surface versions available upon request


  • Double cylinder with double key override
  • Thumbturn cylinder with standard coupling  


  • Standard cam
  • Biffar
  • 4-tooth
  • Cogged cam ZR10

Cogged cam ZR18

Construction phase function

  • Available depending on the system 


  • EN 1303:2015-08 with classification key: 160B0C6B
  • EN 1634-1 Fire protection test 
  • Driving rain proof according to ÖNORM EN 12208 Grade E1050


Key systems and types
Regardless of the dormakaba key system that you order, the thermally insulated lock cylinder is available in all the current reversible key systems in Europrofile. You can order the cylinder as a double cylinder (DZ) or 
as a thumbturn cylinder (DKZ).

Special function
The double cylinder is equipped with the double key override function. Unlocking the door from the outside is possible even if there is a key inserted and turned on the inside.

Included with the cylinder 

Every TIC cylinder is supplied with:

  • Security card for legitimation to order replacement keys or cylinders
  • 3 reversible keys with blue SK clip (unless specified otherwise)
  • 1 foam rubber seal
  • Fastening screw
  • Operation and maintenance instructions

The cylinder is to be installed according to the installation and main-tenance instructions supplied with it. The outside (A) is always the side on which the cylinder is marked with the key system/serial number. The lock cylinder fastening screw supplied with the cylinder may only be tightened by hand with a screwdriver. Due to excessive torque, never use a power screw driver or power drill. 
The foam rubber insulation supplied with the cylinder is installed between the door leaf and cylinder. Due to the thermal separation, which is made of plastic components, we recommend the usage of burglary resistant  rosettes with pulling protection. dorma+kaba offers an attractive assort-ment of security door hardware. 

Maintenance and care
Lock cylinders must be cleaned and lubricated twice a year with dormakaba cleaner, never use oil or graphite.


Length options

  • shortest overall length 80 mm
  • shortest side length 35 mm
  • longest side length 100 mm
  • shortest cylinder 35/45 mm



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