Product Summary

MATRIX Professional is a modular system that meets individual requirements with regard to access control, time recording and time management and allows the optional integration of DORMA TMS emergency exit control systems. In addition, there are modules tailored to the demands of large companies.

  • Management of up to 300,000 ID cards/users
  • Easily comprehensible and browser-based user interface
  • Totally geared to customer requirements
  • Configurable interfaces to host systems
  • Supporting all reader systems - including radio control (online) for DORMA XS Pro

Product Details

MATRIX - the modular system for your individual requirements

Thanks to its modular design, the MATRIX system can be fully geared to individual customer requirements. MATRIX Professional allows optional upgrades or connection of basic modules for time recording, time management and emergency exit control.
Thanks to DORMA's various licence packs, you only buy what you actually need.

Licence options

MATRIX Professional offers various licence levels. It starts with a licence that allows you to manage 25 users and can be upgraded to a system with more than 300,000 users. MATRIX Professional supports all DORMA terminals and access control boxes, as well as all DP1 components.
MATRIX Professional is the most comprehensive product out of the MATRIX range.

MATRIX Professional provides all the functions of less comprehensive MATRIX systems.

Access functions to EN 50133 and:

  • Allocation of access rights per user, place and time
  • Locking plan dialogue to facilitate the allocation of access rights
  • Access programmes
  • Door programmes and time schedules for doors
  • Room zone management
  • Access profiles (grouping feature) to facilitate the allocation of access rights
  • Access calendar to manage doors and users
  • Special day functions and individual access authorisations
  • Airlock function
  • Door status monitoring
  • Various security options such as anti pass back barrier
  • List generator
  • Video integration for access control
  • Integration of card creating systems
Reliable and always available

DORMA access control terminals of the B6 and M6 product range receive all relevant data for a standalone operation from MATRIX Professional. Once the terminals have been configured and parametrised, they operate as standalone systems, even when MATRIX is not available.

Easily comprehensible

MATRIX Professional provides an easily comprehensible user interface and manages all functions with a standardised operating concept. This facilitates the management of varying parameter settings, processing rules and analyses.

High user convenience thanks to standardised operating concept
  • Clearly structured management and control screens
  • Multilingual
  • Browser-neutral system
  • Easy initialisation of access hardware
  • Available for various databases
  • Ready for combination with all common reader systems
  • Smooth integration of wired access control components and XS components
Data exchange with systems from other manufacturers

The open system architecture and the DORMA Integration Manager ensure easy data exchange.

100 % browser

Thanks to its browser feature, MATRIX does not require a client to be installed. This facilitates the installation of the system and software maintenance. In addition, you can set up an unlimited number of MATRIX workstations as no licensing is required.


Basic functions

  • Access control 
  • Electronic attendance recording and time management
  • Escape route security system


  • Visitor management
  • Pedestrian flow control
  • Lift control
  • Car park management

Selected options

  • General interface
  • Client administration
  • Room administration
  • Workplace administration
  • Alarm monitor
  • Further time management options


Components for access control

  • dormakaba registration units 90 00, 90 01, 90 02, 90 03 and 90 04
  • dormakaba compact readers 91 04, 91 10 and 91 12
  • Electronic fittings c-lever pro and c-lever compact
  • dormakaba cabinet Lock 21 10 and 21 20
  • dormakaba digital cylinder
  • dormakaba mechatronic cylinder
  • dormakaba access managers 92 00, 92 30 and 92 90
  • dormakaba Wireless Gateway 90 40

MATRIX Professional
MATRIX Professional
MATRIX Professional

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