Product Summary

A well-planned access control system consists of online (wired) locks, standalone (non-wired) electronic locks and a number of mechanical locks, often installed in secondary doors or as an override to electronic locks for emergency situations.

But how do you keep an overview, especially in a large organisation, of who holds which type of access (electronic card or mechanical key) to each door?

Kaba exos allows you to manage mechanical keys alongside ID cards using our efficient MKS (master key systems) module. You keep a clear overview and monitor who is carrying a key and/or a card to which door.

Product Details

  • Overview of mechanical keys and locking cylinders with access control. You control not only all the doors, but also all media, from staff badges to the grand master key – including all access authorisations.
  • In awarding ‘access denied’ status, you ensure that a person has neither access rights nor key
  • With the dormakaba smart key (reversible key-RFID combination) you assign key and electronic rights in a single step
  • Easy-to-manage procedure. Simply import all relevant data of your mechanical or mechatronic locking system and save time on commissioning.
  • Create receipts and evaluations at the push of a button.
  • Automatic reminder for users to return their keys at a certain time.
  • Role-based tasks per skills and job enhance security and ensure efficient processes
  • Full trace-back of data at any time, which means you can determine what happened to a particular key, e.g. whether someone paid a deposit for a key, etc.
Kaba exos 9300 - Mechanical key systems

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