High security and safe locks

LA GARD 700 Series

The LA GARD 700 Series embodies the original tried-and-true features and long legacy of LA GARD high-security function along with advanced technological features. 

Featuring a modern interface both in appearance and technology, the 700 Series incorporates the same reliable security features and functions of LA GARD — a legendary and iconic name that you know and trust.

Ideal for commercial industries, financial, legal, pharmaceutical, retail, vault storage, government (HSL and law enforcement), and residential/personal. With five models to choose from, the series offers a range of features and options to fit almost any safe lock need.


Product videos

Product details

  • 1.28” Monochrome OLED Display, 128 x 64 
  • Low-energy Bluetooth key fob for use as second credential and/or Time Delay Override 
  • Single unified software platform for use on all models for increased usability and updatable firmware 
  • A range of entry-level to advanced offerings embodying the breadth of capabilities renowned in LA GARD products

Five models available:

  • Model 701 – basic offering
  • Model 702 – multi-user lock standard keypad
  • Model 703 – multi-user, 2-lock system, display
  • Model 704 – multi-user, 5-lock system, display
  • Model 705 – multi-user, 5-lock system, display

  • Residential
  • Commerial retail
  • Quick serve restaurants
  • ATM and currency exchange
  • Pharmacies
  • Law enforcement facilities
  • Valut storage
  • Cash recyclers
  • Military institutions