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InSync™ M (ASM Mortise)

Within the series, InSync M offers property managers an elegantly styled access control option that enhances the residents' user experience. InSync M is a full mortise lock embodied in a sleek and gently contoured metal housing.


Product details

InSync M lock can be provided in two different configurations to accommodate various applications.

InSync M Unit Locks

The unit configuration provides the locks with true residential entry lock functionality. Each time the inside lever is rotated, the lock goes into an unlocked condition eliminating the possibility of lock outs. When the key is inserted into the lock after egress, the lock is placed back into a locked position. Insertion of the key and rotation of the outside lever allows ingress and always places the lock back into the unlocked position. The inside thumbturn, when turned, will toggle the lock back from unlocked to locked. Unit locks are programmed with one resident code (change key). Each key made with one resident code can have up to 64 unique identity codes.

InSync M Suite Locks

The suite configuration allows access to multiple residents who have the need to access individual unit doors behind the suite door. Suite locks have no thumbturn and always remain in a locked position after ingress or egress. Suite locks can recognize up to 20 resident codes.

Latch: 8" mortise lock, 1" automatic deadbolt (ADB™), ¾” dead-locking latch

Backset: 2¾” (70mm)

Door Preparation: Standard ANSI mortise lock door prep

Fire Rating: UL Certified for use on fire doors 20 minute rating and 3 hour rating

Environmental: Indoor/Outdoor approved -31 °F to 151 °F (-35 °C to 66 °C)

Power: 4 AA batteries

Mechanics: Interconnected single motion egress When the inside lever is rotated, both latch and deadbolt are simultaneously retracted

Accessibility Standard: ADA-compliant levers and thumbturns

Handle: Complete lever set / single motion egress, Interior thumbturn (unit only)

Finishes for all models: (* Check for availability)

  • Satin Chrome
  • Satin Brass
  • Bright Chrome
  • Bright Brass
  • *Dark Mahogany
  • *Satin Nickel