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SafeRoute surface-mounted housing STL-G

SafeRoute monitors and controls the locking devices of doors in escape routes in accordance with the guidelines and standards EltVTR (German directive for electrical locking systems on escape route doors) and EN 13637. In case of a hazard, the door is unlocked. Otherwise (day-to-day operation, misuse etc.), it remains locked thanks to the control unit. The integrated light ring provides information on the status at all times.

The STL-G door terminal is comprised of the emergency button (SCU-TL) and key switch components in a surface-mounted case. Together with an electrical locking device, the STL-G door terminal fulfils the requirements of BS EN 13637 and the EltVTR (German directive for electrical locking systems on escape route doors). Together with a licence card, the SCU-TL becomes a control and monitoring panel (master). The various functions are determined by the licence card here. You can monitor and control a group of up to four escape route doors with a master in this way, for example. Without a licence card, the STL-G door terminal can also be used as an additional door terminal for an escape route door as a slave in a group.


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Intelligent light ring display

The 8-LED light ring display arranged around the emergency button simplifies the installation and commissioning of the system. Differentiated visual support improves service quality through easy identification of the system status and alarm indications.

Standard-compliant, reliable and a safe investment

The new electronic emergency exit and escape route security system makes it possible to protect the door against unauthorised use and misuse without violating any building rules in the process. SafeRoute fulfils the requirements of the EltVTR (German directive for electrical locking systems on escape route doors) and BS EN 13637 and can thus be used across Europe.

Greater flexibility thanks to a new licensing model

SafeRoute consistently adapts itself to its usage conditions. Benefit from the new licensing model (Mini, Basic, Standard or Premium), where you only pay for the functions you actually need. If necessary, the system can be upgraded with additional functions at any time through licence expansion. The existing hardware remains unchanged.

High-grade light metal case in the XEA style

The new level of design freedom in the XEA style is called customer confection. A variety of colour combinations can be selected. The colours of the cladding and decorative plating can be adjusted individually as desired. All RAL special colours are possible.

The rugged and tamper-proof surface-mounted housing made of light metal can easily be combined with other dormakaba products in the XEA style and thus enables a uniform appearance and greater flexibility in object design.