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SafeRoute Door locking device STV 100

dormakaba STV 100 door locking devices unlock doors in secured emergency exits following release by the emergency button, an emergency release or immediately upon authorised release. dormakaba STV 100 units are equipped with an electromechanical locking device and also open without jamming if heavy pressure is applied to the door. Easy mounting on door frames makes STV 100 door locking devices ideal for upgrading as well.


Product details

Reliable locking and unlocking of escape route doors

STV 100 door locking devices are connected to the SafeRoute emergency exit and escape route system as a locking element. The STV 100 is approved according to the EltVTR (German directive for electrical locking systems on escape route doors) and corresponds to the specifications of EN 13637.

Suitable for upgrading, also on fire and smoke control doors

The STV 100 door locking devices are installed on the frame, making them especially easy to upgrade (in the case of fire protection doors, please observe country-specific regulations on subsequent modifications). Thanks to an extensive range of accessories, they can also be installed on flush-closing doors and allow tolerance compensation. In addition, they are approved for installation on fire and smoke control doors.

Security with positive-driven monitoring

Thanks to the integrated monitoring functions, both the open status of the door, the locked status of the STV 100 and any attempts at tampering are detected and forwarded to the SafeRoute emergency exit control system.

Greater comfort with the STV 100 

The STV 100 is connected to the SafeRoute escape route door control system quickly and easily using a four-lead DCW® system bus with no separate emergency deactivation circuit.