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Gateways to the world, major employers, engines driving economic growth – these are functions that airports have always fulfilled. However, in the 21st century, requirements and expectations go well beyond these functional and financial aspects. Airports have become meeting places, offices, shopping malls and leisure centres in one. While airports originally grew up in close proximity to an urban core in order to provide essential links to the rest of world, nowadays entire city districts are planned as part of the wider project, with Airport and Airport City increasingly becoming an integrated whole. This development is being driven and controlled by the major airlines that are turning airports situated in strategically favorable locations into international hubs of infinitely wider reach. The idea is that business and leisure nomads not only stop over on their way to somewhere else, but that they are also able to enjoy in abundance those things that define quality of living and lifestyle. 

dormakaba offering for Airports

  • Entrance systems
  • Turnstiles and barriers
  • Time and attendance terminals
  • Manual door closers and furniture
  • Glass doors and partitions
  • High security key systems
  • Online and offline access control 
  • Electronic locks
  • Push button locks
  • Workforce management
  • Safe locks
  • Security doors