Product Summary

Skyfold is a vertical movable wall system that retracts to the ceiling. It is space-saving, requires no guide or track rails and offers acoustic insulation up to Rw 59 dB. The Zenith model folds only in its upper section, which means furniture can be placed nearer to the movable wall; and the Zenith Premium model comes with an integrated ceiling trim to seal off the gap when the wall is lowered.

Product Details

  • A space-saving vertical movable wall system that retracts to the ceiling
  • Fully automatic, rapid and reliable
  • Easy operation at the press of a button
  • No wall or floor rails
  • Acoustic insulation with sound reduction ratings up to Rw 59 dB
  • Straight-line configurations
  • Stable and flat lightweight construction from 29 kg/m²
  • Can be provided with effective acoustic finish (Zenith NRC)

Technical Details

Clear passage height: up to 3,600 mm

Element width: almost unlimited, depends on supporting structure (excepte Zenith 48 limited to 14,600 mm)

Element depth / acoustic insulation:

Rw in dB 47 51 54 59

Weight kg/m2 29 30 33 42

Surface finishes 

  • Wood veneer
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic laminate (melamine)
  • Painted
  • Write-on surfaces/whiteboard
  • Custom design


Individually designed for flexibility of use
With its excellent sound insulation values, Skyfold is ideally suitable for the flexible use of space. As it retracts upwards into the ceiling, no wall or floor tracks are needed. The Zenith series folds only in its upper section. This enables existing spaces to be used even more effectively as furniture can be positioned closer to the movable wall.

Space-saving design retracts to the ceiling
The space-saving vertical movable wall system retracts to the underside of the ceiling. With the Zenith Premium model the ceiling cavity includes an integrated ceiling trim to seal off the gap when the Skyfold is lowered. When parked, the system merges harmoniously and almost invisibly with the ceiling, with the absence of lateral guide rails or floor rails adding to the seamless appearance.

Rapid and reliable operation
Rapid, fully automatic operation at the press of a button: A mechanism inside the insulated double-skin Skyfold quickly and reliably folds the movable wall at a speed of 1.5 to 3 m/min. Ceiling motors retract the movable wall completely along its entire length. Built-in sensors on the lower edge ensure that the system stops in the presence of an obstruction when descending.

Skyfold Zenith – the slimline model

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