Product Summary

Kaba star is the most advanced patented master-key system (patent = legal protection against commercial imitation). Registration of the master-key system with dormakaba ensures that keys cannot be ordered without your consent.
The system is ideal for complex buildings with high security requirements. Kaba star can be combined with the Kaba evolo electronic locks.
Kaba star uses the Kaba keylink planning method and has a virtually unlimited number of locking combinations. This makes Kaba star one of the most powerful master-key systems in the world. Its exceptionally flexible and extensible access authorisation concept guarantees protection for your investment.

Product Details

Kaba star is a flexible master-key system that meets the highest security and organisational requirements.

  • A series of patents and technical and organisational measures make it impossible to order keys without your express consent.
  • Kaba star is certified in accordance with European security standards.
  • The Kaba star master-key system can be seamlessly integrated into your mechatronic and electronic access control systems.
  • Designed for compatibility, Kaba star is available with the 22 mm Swiss profile and the 17 mm Euro profile.
  • 14 different key clip colours for better recognition and organisation.
  • Seven different ring colours for orientation on the cylinder. 

Technical Details

  • Five to eight rows of pins with up to 26 simultaneously-usable pin positions.
  • Pins that make contact with the key are manufactured from wear-resistant hardened steel.
  • Key protected by patented characteristics.
  • Available with 22 mm Swiss round profile and 17 mm diameter Euro profile. 


  • Hotels, care homes and hospitals
  • Industrial facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Small businesses
  • Residential complexes
  • Universities

Kaba star with key
Cylinder lock - Kaba star
Cross section Kaba star cylinder

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