Product Summary

MUTO is a manual sliding door that is very easy to install. This flexible system with many variations allows for all relevant functions to be configurable from the front. In addition, you benefit from comfort options such as a self-closing function and an integrated lock without an external power supply.

  • Whether it's glass or wooden solutions, light or heavy doors (50–150 kg)
  • 3. Easy installation and adjustment thanks to the removable front profile
  • Personalized design: Silver, stainless steel, white, specially anodized, special colors. With our without logo clip
  • Also available as a synchro and telescope variant
  • With the option of ceiling slot installation and movability of the door into a wall pocket
  • For one and two-leaf doors
  • Certified use of laminated safety glass
Product Details

Comfortable, can be individually equipped:

  • DORMOTION for all weight classes without glass processing
  • Status indicator for connecting to a building management system
  • Integrated electromechanical lock without external power supply
  • All settings can be made from the front when installed
  • Very easy to adjust height
  • Comfort functions such as DORMOTION, status indicator, and the lock can be retrofitted in Comfort leaf widths
Product Downloads

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