Product Summary

The HSW-GP is characterised by the use of MANET single-point fixings in combination with a standard track rail. The system’s high-quality stainless steel components and flush-mounted single-point fixings perfectly match the demands of modern architecture. In conjunction with curved track rails, the system is even suitable to safely realise curved and very individual configurations.

  • MANET single-point fixings

Product Details

The dormakaba HSW System

Wherever smooth and uninterrupted transitions are required to separate one room from another, and where the emphasis is on transparency and elegance, glass elements come into play. With their versatile glass partitions, dormakaba HSW System provides the ideal solution for linking or separating rooms according to your individual requirements. Thanks to a large range of components, these versatile systems add security, provide noise insulation, and cut energy costs - just as desired.

Attractive solution

dormakaba glass sliding wall systems are available in various designs to meet the requirements of the respective location and to provide the desired ambient climate. Their high level of flexibility allows dormakaba to offer attractive solutions for any field of application - no matter if a light and open partition, draught protection or maximum noise and thermal insulation is desired. In addition, dormakaba offers special made-to-measure solutions. The glass panels of the HSW-G sliding partition offer continuous and transparent surfaces without any lateral frame elements, while the top and bottom door rails provide a high level of stability and conceal the functional components of the door system.

Very unobtrusive design

The HSW track rail offers a broad range of wall shapes and stacking configurations, while MANET stainless steel single-point fixings allow the safe realisation of curved configurations. All these features turn a convenient system into a high-quality solution: outstanding visual appearance in conjunction with contemporary architectural design. What provides a shop front with a classy look, turns the interior of a building into a sophisticated environment.

Functional range

No matter if used on swing or sliding doors, or in a small-sized version as furniture fitting - MANET single-point fixings stand for quality and provide a harmonious overall appearance.

Technical Details

  • Max. system height: 3000 mm
  • Max. panel width: 1200 mm
  • Max. panel weight: 100 kg
  • Glass thicknesses from 8 to 12 mm (other glass thicknesses available upon request)

You can find additional technical information in the technical documents for download.


  • Carriage with stainless-steel flap and point fittings
  • Stainless-steel bottom flap with frontal locking devices and point fittings
  • Stainless-steel bottom flap as a face-side stud bolt with point fittings
  • Handlebar with point fittings in the following lengths: 350, 720, 1240, and 1760 mm


For use in:

  • Shops and shopping centers
  • Stadiums

Horizontal sliding wall HSW-GP
Horizontal sliding wall HSW-GP

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