Soluções para aeroportos da dormakaba
Portas e sistemas de segurança estão em constante operação e precisam de ser absolutamente fiáveis no seu funcionamento.


Security requirements at airports have both increased and become more complex in recent years. The purpose is to prevent terrorism, while improving slot management and optimising passenger flow without compromising safety. At the same time, architects and planning teams are constantly striving for an open, welcoming environment.
dormakaba offers specific solutions to help achieve these objectives. Our automated border control systems support airport staff in checking passports. A sensor barrier with integrated interlock functionality and biometric verification helps prevent fraudulent use of passports and speeds up border controls. dormakaba self-boarding units at gates support airport staff in checking boarding cards whilst speeding up the boarding process. The sensor barrier with automatic swing panels features an integrated boarding card reader, a display for passenger information and a printer for seat imprint. dormakaba offer an extensive pre-sales advice service and highly-acclaimed professional installations, along with regular maintenance and rapid service response, which each equally contribute to the all-around, carefree package dormakaba offers to its customers.
dormakaba’s one-way corridor was developed to control the transfer of passengers arriving at the air terminal, allowing for fast, safe passage from air to land side. Automatic doors provide the perfect solution for exit points from the baggage reclaim, while sensor barriers offer access for people with reduced mobility and high throughput rates, ensuring maximum safety for all users.
Our comprehensive electronic access control solutions and mechanical locking systems can be customised to suit security identification display areas (SIDA), secured and sterile areas, and operational spaces, while dormakaba’s time-recording systems help improve staff productivity. dormakaba’s access solutions in the form of automatic sliding doorsets, emergency exit, and escape route systems, ensure that pedestrian traffic in this busy hub flows smoothly and safely from terminal to terminal.
Airports have highly complex access control requirements. They have a very high demand for security as well as convenience. Large numbers of employees and sub-contractors pass through. Yet, passenger flow requires specialist solutions due to the bulk of people entering through few doors, many of which must be controlled by ticket, identity or biometric attributes.
Access points in these large and spread out facilities need to be controlled 24 hours a day. Operation and maintenance need to run smoothly and deliver high levels of security. Herein lies the problem – easy to use for operators and employees yet difficult for those who try to access unauthorised. CardLink, dormakaba’s access management software leaves none of these issues up in  the air.

dormakaba offering for Airports

  • Entrance systems
  • Turnstiles and barriers
  • Time and attendance terminals
  • Manual door closers and furniture
  • Glass doors and partitions
  • High security key systems
  • Online and offline access control 
  • Electronic locks
  • Push button locks
  • Workforce management
  • Safelocks
  • Security doors
  • Nationwide, 24 hour repair & maintenance services