Product Summary

Smart door handle – smart access control

Take your access control to the next level: set access rights easily and change them whenever needed, accurately in time and location. Simply present an authorised badge, smart key, fob with RFID or a smartphone and open the door as usual by pushing the door lever.

The c-lever compact is an electronical door lock and operates in standalone or remotely in wireless mode and is made for interior doors like offices.

  • EPD: The c-lever compact has received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) according to DIN ISO 14025 and EN 15804+A2
  • Mobile Access function: use your smartphone to open the door
  • Suitable both for single doors or large building complexes
  • Award-winning, patented design

Product Details

A clever door lever meeting many requirements 

The c-lever compact meets your access control needs, offering an overview about who can enter where and when. Combinable with other dormakaba products, this battery-operated door lock is made for any kind of interior door like glass, wood, metal or CPL doors.  
Smartly, it can be installed in an upside-down position which helps on limited spaces such as on glass doors or when the cylinder is located above the lever handle.

  • Independent from cylinder and lock, usually both can stay
  • Simple to program with different programming options
  • Supports the latest RFID standards
  • Free choice of lever handles according to your design preferences
  • Wirelessly installed with only two screws, also in updside-down position


High functionality

The c-lever compact offers stylish design combined with a wide range of functions.

  • Choice of autonomous (standalone) or wireless operation
  • Wireless function: connect your access control system remotely so you can control the lock from anywhere with your mobile device or PC
  • Mobile access function: the c-lever compact connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth® - no need to worry about lost keys anymore
  • Temporary or permanent access rights for specific locations and times
  • Internal clock and configurable time profiles
  • Door event memory (can be switched off)
  • Device software supports all dormakaba solutions


With the c-lever compact, you can control access for an almost unlimited number of users for specific locations and times, while continuing to use the mechanical master key system completely independently.

The RFID access media can also be used for other applications that you have already introduced in your organisation.

Examples indoor applications:

  • Offices
  • Administrations
  • Gyms
  • Guest houses
  • Schools
  • Retail sector and much more

dormakaba c-lever compact
dormakaba c-lever compact
dormakaba c-lever compact

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