Product Summary

LA GARD has been an industry leader in the safe lock sector for nearly half of a century. The LA GARD 700 Series embodies the original tried-and-true features and long legacy of LA GARD high-security function along with advanced technological features.

The LA GARD Basic, ComboGardPro and AuditGard have been elevated and are now embodied in the new LA GARD models 701 and 702, which is now available with display.  The advantages of Smartlinc II have been included in the 704/704B models and other advanced features are available in our 703/703B, 704/704B and our flag ship model, the 705.  Featuring a modern interface both in appearance and technology, the 700 Series incorporates the same reliable security features and functions of LA GARD — a legendary and iconic name that you know and trust — now dormakaba LA GARD™.

Ideal for commercial industries, financial, legal, pharmaceutical, retail, vault storage, government (HSL and law enforcement), and residential/personal. With five models to choose from, the series offers a range of features and options to fit almost any safe lock need. 

  • Security – the ultimate in state-of-the-art electronic safe locks designed to support the ever-changing needs of today’s world
  • Efficiency – lower total cost of ownership, fewer battery changes, ease of use, simplified inventory management
  • Confidence – from a name you know and trust
  • User Experience – unified software platform, feature-rich OLED display, simplified user-prompts
  • Reliability – confirmed by third party reliability test lab, certified by UL. VdS, EN 1300 SBSC, CNPP a2p
  • Excellence – quality commitment backed by 2 year warranty; extended warranty available, world-class support, modern dormakaba design aesthetic
  • Display – OLED keypad featuring on-screen prompts

Product Details

  • 1.28” Monochrome OLED Display, 128 x 64
  • Low-energy Bluetooth key fob for use as second credential and/or Time Delay Override 
  • Single unified software platform for use on all models for increased usability and updatable firmware 
  • A range of entry-level to advanced offerings embodying the breadth of capabilities renowned in LA GARD products


Five models available:

  • Model 701 – basic offering
  • Model 702 – multi-user lock standard keypad
  • Model 703 – multi-user, 2-lock system, display Bluetooth capability
  • Model 704 – multi-user, 5-lock system, display, Bluetooth capability
  • Model 705 – multi-user, 5-lock system, display, Bluetooth capability


  • Residential
  • Commercial retail
  • Quick serve restaurants
  • ATM and currency exchange
  • Pharmacies
  • Law enforcement facilities
  • Vault storage
  • Cash recyclers
  • Military institutions 

LA Gard 700
La Gard 700

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