Product Summary

Do you want enhanced security?
Configure pextra+ according to your requirements

The tried-and-tested dormakaba pextra+ serrated key system provides multi-layer protection for highsecurity master key systems. Its versatility makes it ideal for securing and organising access to any building – not only family homes and residential complexes, but also public buildings and industrial properties.

  • Long-term protection by European patent EP2686510* * Not valid in all countries – see for details
  • High level of security as it complies with relevant standards, such as EN 1303 and DIN 18252.
  • Standard protection against forcible opening
  • Optional security elements and special functions for even higher levels of protection
  • Can be combined with electronic systems from dormakaba

Product Details

The patented double branch groove for increased protection against illegal copying​

pextra+ keys are designed with an undercut profile groove. This so-called double branch groove can only be produced by special machines and a complex milling process. Optional blocking pins in the lock cylinder check whether the branch groove is present and block the cylinder barrel in the case of illegal copies.


Multi-layer protection as standard

  • Vertical pin pairs and horizontal locking elements check the robust nickel silver key and allow the barrel to turn when the shear line is reached. 
  • The patented centering pin protects the lock cylinder against the bumping method.
  • The overlapping key profile and special tumbler pins provide protection against picking the door open.
  • Hardened steel elements in the barrel and in the housing make it difficult to drill or pull the lock cylinder out of the door lock.


Even more security available, if desired

  • You can choose a lock cylinder with five, six or seven tumbler pins – for even greater protection against impressioning.
  • Optional Optional sacrificial cut: In the event of attempted
    manipulation by pulling the lock cylinder, it breaks off at a pre-defined point, and cannot be opened with conventional tools, like a screwdriver. It can still be opened with the corresponding key in an emergency.steel security elements protect the lock cylinder.
  • Additional options such as cylinder covers.


You design your master key system.
All options are available to you

pextra+ can be used with all serial keying and master key system types – from the one-key-for-all solution for home use, to large, complex systems with different access authorizations. The basis is a key plan, according to which selected keys can open a series of specific doors.
To design the key plan, we examine and evaluate our customers’ requirements in detail. This means that you will have better control, save costs incurred by duplicate keys and reduce the total number of keys.


Free choice of lock cylinders

The cylinder programme offers a wide selection of cylinder types. You can also integrate cylinders for cabinet locks, key-operated switches or lift controls into the system. Choose between nine surface finishes to harmonise your design.


Added value for your master key system. Useful special functions

Depending on your requirements, you can supplement your individual solution with one of our numerous special functions. These offer added value in terms of functionality and benefits. For details, please refer to the brochure “Special functions for serrated key systems.”

Technical Details

  • 6 pin cylinder with up to 10 side entry pins plus optional blocking pin
  • Side locking pins
  • Blocking pin detects illegal key copies and prevents the key from being turned in the cylinder.
  • Overlapping key profile and special tumbler pins protect against picking methods
  • Up to twelve hardened steel anti drill pins in housing and barrel against drilling

Three key types

  • Standard hexaganol bow with optional mini-slips in five colours
  • TrendKey plastic clip in 5 colours
  • Metallclip with coding in 3 colours

Cylinder locks with serrated keys - dormakaba pextra+
Cylinder locks with serrated keys - dormakaba pextra+
EPD - Environmental Product Declaration

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