ILCO Front Desk Unit (FDU)

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  • FDU

Product Summary

Manage all your access control needs with one centralized unit. The Ilco FDU offers both front desk and management the tools you need to support your Ilco locking solution.  Quickly manage front desk key creation, lock programming and auditing and reporting from a single unit. Ideal for small to mid-sized hotels, the FDU provides comprehensive access control management in one unit with minimal desk footprint.  
Compatible with all dormakaba Ilco electronic locks. 
PMS Interface 
dormakaba can interface with most property management systems (PMS), saving precious time. Guest stay information entered into the PMS, such as room number and length of stay, is automatically transferred to the FDU for quick and easy key creation eliminating the need for information double entry.  

  • Encodes keycards
  • Tracks keycard data
  • Programs locks
  • Maintains locks
  • Audits locks
Product Details

Security Features 

  • Time-based access control system with user selectable keycard expiry 
  • Keycard encryption: proprietary and unique to each installation 
  • Security: authorization keycard or PIN required for any FDU operation 
  • Different authorization levels, ranging from front desk staff to upper management users 
  • Setup and audit memory: internal real-time clock with non-volatile memory 

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