Product Summary

dormakaba's recessed pull grips and door knobs offer a discrete but expressive solution for light sliding doors. Made of high-quality materials, they incorporate skillful design characteristics from interior design. Its flat design allows for easy use and pleasant haptics.

  • Made of light metal
  • Suitable for glass thicknesses 8, 10 and 12 mm
  • The door knobs are available in both a single-sided and dual-sided version

Product Details

Patented anti-break-in technology

The DORMA Locking Ladder Pull lockable pull handles feature a patented anti-break-in technology and steel dead bolt locking on the reverse side of the key insertion. The anti-break-in technology conceals cylinder-fixing screws - making DORMA Locking Ladder Pulls more secure than similar products from other companies.Designed for Rim and IC Rim CylindersThe locks are designed for both Rim Cylinders and IC Rim Cylinders. DORMA Locking Ladder Pulls utilize 7-Pin Large Format Interchangeable Cores (LFIC) for easy re-keying of handles. A floor socket is included.Fittings available for different door materialsIn addition to glass doors, fittings are available for aluminum, wood, PVC, and mixed material doors from 3/8" (10 mm) to 7/8" (22 mm) thick. Fittings for thicker doors are available on request.

Recessed pull grips MANET Design closed
Recessed pull grips MANET Design open
Recessed pull grips conically closed on one side

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