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    1/3This is an image of the DORMA PORTEO swing door operator.

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    1/3This is an image of a DORMA PORTEO swing door operator installed at a door.

  • Porteo

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  • PORTEO_1200x1200.jpg
  • Porteo_052305_1200x1200.jpg
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Product Summary

The PORTEO is a silent swing door operator with small dimensions for the use on simple doors. The PORTEO can significantly reduce the force required to open the door in Power-Assist mode so that the door can be easily opened manually. In addition, the door can also be opened automatically via a push-button or radio remote control. This makes the life more comfortable and hygienic in everyday for everyone. The PORTEO can be easily retrofitted on most doors and offers people where doors are a barrier a significant gain in comfort and quality of life.

  • Door assistant for swing doors
  • Effortless opening and closing
  • Compact dimensions
  • Pull and push side, transom-fixed or leaf-fixed
  • Easy installation - “plug & go” delivery
Product Details
  • Suitable for the use on simple doors up to 1100 mm width or 100 kg weight.
  • Can be used for opening support or as a fully automatic drive.
  • Suitable for single-leaf doors.

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