Saflok QuantumIII

The Saflok QuantumIII electronic lock offers a unique and award winning two-piece modular design with an RFID card reader for a sleek look and superior lock performance. Easy to use, the lock works with the Windows-based System 6000™, Messenger LENS™ online wireless system. The Saflok QuantumIII accepts Mifare Plus credentials for enhanced functionality.The lock is also able to operate using the Kaba Mobile Key System and can be offered with one of the following Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) options: compatible, ready or enabled.


Product details

Security Features

  • High security and tamperproof design
  • 1” solid deadbolt (optional auto deadbolt)
  • Staff monitoring - RFID Keycard audits
  • Tracking mortise for door ajar reporting (äd se standard, MT optional)
  • Emergency access: emergency key, mechanical key and electronic override

Mechanical Features

  • Electronic mortise lockset with 1" (25.4mm) throw deadbolt and 5/8" (15.9mm) dead-locking latch bolt
  • Factory-handed mortise (left, right, left reverse, right reverse)
  • ADA compliant
  • Deadbolt: 1" (25.4mm) throw deadbolt and 5/8" (15.9mm) dead-locking latch bolt
  • Door Thickness: 1 ¾" (44.5mm) to 2 ⅛" (53.98mm) for standard product
  • Housing Construction: Escutcheon: Zinc / Levers: Brass, Zinc or Stainless steel
  • Standard Finishes: Bright chrome, bright brass, satin chrome, satin brass, dark mahogany (reader is black)
  • Inside Trim Options: Optional äd se or MT inside escutcheon
  • Standard Backset: 2 ¾" (69.9mm) from door edge to lever
  • Locking Options: ANSI lock case with 1 ¼ " or 1" lock front mortise / Options: automatic deadbolt, door ajar, MKO / European lock case mortise (20 x 165 mm) with 20 x 233 mm lock front mortise
  • Online Configurations: - Messenger Ready: DAJ mortise (ANSI lock case) / Standard (stand alone) inside escutcheon - Messenger Online: Lock controller board with Messenger capability / DAJ mortise (ANSI lock case) / Inside escutcheon equipped with Messenger module
  • Mobile Key Options (BLE): - BLE compatible (Standard): upgradable to BLE by adding end cap and module -BLE ready: upgradable to BLE by adding module - BLE enabled: BLE module included, no further upgrades needed

Locks and Systems Certification

Kaba products are certified to a number of performance-oriented standards. In obtaining these certifications, Kaba ensures product durability and performance, giving our customers the peace of mind that comes with owning a quality solution that meets and exceeds industry standards for access control, life safety, and security

Go to document section for a complete list of Ilco product certifications.

  • Batteries last up to 2 years
  • Low battery indicator alerts staff
  • Lock programming and audit records are not erased during battery replacement
  • Operates with a completely sealed contactless reader

  • Suitable for small to very large scale hotels
  • Easily replaces existing mechanical or electronic door locks
  • Access control for guest rooms, common areas as well as back-of-house