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For those areas where easy and convenient passage is important, swing door drives from dormakaba are the right choice. They enable comfortable access to buildings and smooth passage in the building.

The swing door drives from dormakaba are are modern and elegant and available for many applications. From the single-leaf interior door without any requirement to the double-leaf automated fire and smoke protection door. Various features and accessories complete the program.

The dormakaba swing door drives are electromechanical swing door drives for a wide range of applications, door weights and door sizes. The dormakaba ED100 /250 is known for its performance and reliability and has proven itself in demanding applications. An important aspect of this, for example, is its full functionality even under greater wind loads.

Use & Function

The dormakaba swing door drives offer a range of benefits, including accessibility, security, and fire protection. They are ideal for high-traffic areas, providing effortless operation for all users. The swing door drives are also designed to meet the latest safety regulations, ensuring the safety and protection of building occupants.

Double-leaf systems can be equipped with an extended casing, which provides a visual advantage. They can also be equipped with an easy to install closing sequence control.

By using the dormakaba Upgrade Cards, the range of functions can be adapted to many door situations. The integrated functions ensure that a large number of possible applications can be easily implemented.

What is a swing door drive?

A swing door operator is a door operator that automates swing doors, making them more accessible and convenient for people. It is a motorised system that can be installed on new or existing swing doors. It opens and closes the door automatically with the help of a motor.

Frequent areas of application for swing door operators are commercial facilities such as office buildings, hospitals and airports. But swing door operators can also be used in public buildings and private homes.

They can be operated using a variety of control mechanisms, including push buttons, sensors, or remote controls.


dormakaba offers different variants of swing door operators for different applications. These include drives for full-energy or low-energy operation and for use on fire doors.

The standard swing door drives are ideal for use in areas with moderate traffic and provide smooth and reliable operation. The low-energy swing door drives are designed to meet accessibility requirements and are perfect for areas with low traffic. They offer gentle and slow door movement to prevent accidental collisions.

  • ED 100
    Suitable for use on normal doors up to 1100 mm width or 160 kg weight
  • ED 250
    Suitable for particularly heavy doors (up to 1600 mm width and door leaf weight up to 400 kg).
  • Versions for framed and frameless doors
    low-energy swing door drive for interior doors

The tried and tested swing door drives are suitable for single and double-leaf systems.

Various upgrade cards extend the possible uses and areas of application.

It is also possible to automate only one door leaf for the comfortable passage of people through double-leaf doors. In such applications, the ED 250 PA (Power Assist) can be used in combination with a standard ED as a costefficient solution.


One of the main benefits of the dormakaba swing door drives is their ability to provide high levels of security. The swing door drives can be integrated with access control systems, ensuring that only authorized individuals are allowed entry.

  • Flexible configuration: Customers only pay for the functions they actually require
  • Inexpensive transportation and easy mounting thanks to the system’s reduced weight
  • Low-noise unit thanks to multi-stage gear
  • Elegant visual appearance: dormakaba design provides for an operator height of only 70 mm
  • Suitable for mounting on smoke and fire doors with guide rail or standard linkage.
  • Various functions included as standard 
  • New: EVAC function for emergency situations. The drive does not switch off completely in the event of an alarm. This means that further use is possible. 
  • New: SPV function. Additional adjustment of the driving parameters to optimally adapt to the pressure conditions.

To ensure the smooth operation of your swing door drives, the dormakaba service for automatic doors is the right contact. With our trained technicians, we are available to you in the event of a malfunction and for regular maintenance. Get in contact with our Service department. 

dormakaba swing door drives offer a wide range of benefits for building owners and users. They provide easy and secure access while meeting accessibility, security, and fire protection requirements. With a variety of swing door drive variants available, dormakaba offers a comprehensive solution for any building application.

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