Product Summary

The KTV ATRIUM revolving door systems are ideal for installation in entrance areas where effective environment control and elegant aesthetics are desired.

  • 'All Glass' Three or Four wing revolving door
  • Glazed drum walls and canopy with fine frame stainless steel profiles
  • Floor mounted operator option for "Servomatic", "Positonal" and speed limiting operation
  • Optional night shields for additional protection

Product Details

Light, open and elegant
The KTV ATRIUM takes lightness, enticing openness and undisrupted elegance to a new level, offering a combination of features unprecedented in a revolving door. Three-wing and four-wing revolving doors break down the barriers to creativity in entrance design. Buildings are both aesthetically and functionally enhanced in the best possible way, thanks to the beautiful all-glass appearance of the KTV ATRIUM.

Optimization of the building energy balance
KTV revolving doors effectively reduce noise, dust and dirt as well as greatly contributing to a reduction in building climate control when compared with conventional automatic doors.

Operation Options
Manual revolving door activated and rotated by the user pushing a handle

Servomatic revolving door. A manually activated door with assistance on demand to make the door light and easy for the user to rotate. Floor mounted drive unit

Positional manual revolving door with floor mounted drive unit. The door is activated manually however returns to the optimal "X" position to maximise the environmental control effectiveness of the door

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