The Ship Cologne, Germany

A fully digital office that’s part of the energy transition


The Ship sets sail for a new way of working with high-end technology and sustainable DNA

The Ship is a unique working environment offering maximum freedom for its inhabitants and endless ways to minimize energy consumption. Consisting of flexible workspaces, meeting rooms, lounge areas and a terrace, The Ship was built in accordance with the Gold Standard regulations set out by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). As one of Germany’s most digitized buildings, it provides rapid access for users thanks to a smart building management system.

  • Address: Vitalisstraße 67, 50827 Cologne, Germany

  • Completion: 2020

  • Building owner: FOND OF GmbH, Köln

  • Architects: Müller Architecture, Schneider-Sedlaczek

  • Partners involved: TGA & Digitalisierung: Drees & Sommer

  • General contractor: Zechbau

  • Official website

Pictures: Copyright: FOND OF GmbH


How our access solutions can contribute to sustainability?

  • Integrated access solutions made with modern technology with low energy consumption as part of a sustainable construction strategy

  • Smart, secure access solutions

  • State-of-the-art, barrier-free access solutions in operation when needed

  • Escape route security systems

  • High-tech access component connectivity, e.g. integration into the building management system (BMS)

THE SHIP Lounge Restaurant
“The dormakaba systems for barrier-free access and safe escape routes are a key component of our fully digitalized office building.”
Dr. Oliver  Steinki

Dr. Oliver Steinki

founder of The Ship


Smart and secure access solutions

  • Building access is controlled via the app.

  • Barrier-free access is available for 150 stairwell, hallway and office doors, with door closer systems provided by dormakaba (some with automatic drives).

  • These doors are equipped with self-locking motor locks to satisfy technical insurance requirements at all times.

  • Escape door terminals are installed next to emergency exit doors for rapid door release in case of emergency.

  • Two entrance doors fitted with the new ES 400 Proline sliding door operator (plus sensor housing) ensure smart access to the building.

  • Environmental product declarations enable an approximate estimate of the carbon footprint.

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