Tanzhaus Zurich, Switzerland

Moving moments in new rooms

Tanzhaus Zurich

Total flexibility in new premises

Tanzhaus in the City of Zurich is one of Switzerland’s most important contemporary dance centres. In 2012, its original home was completely destroyed by fire. So a new building had to be constructed in the same location with the same footprint. The new terraced cultural facility is perched confidently on the riverbank, yet seamlessly blends into the surrounding neo-classical buildings. Its monolithic structure is interrupted by a sequence of trapezoids that also act as windows and doors. Spread over two floors, the new building has around 1,500 m2 of floorspace that accommodates:

  • 1 stage

  • 3 rehearsal and production rooms

  • A foyer with café

  • Offices

  • Side rooms

  • Dressing rooms


What requirements do modern designs and functions place on access solutions?

  • Access system for managing public and private areas

  • Swing door systems that can be flexibly installed

  • Readers, locks and cylinders that are always secure, regardless of the weather

  • Door and access components that complement various materials

Tanzhaus 07


Secure, flexible access

Attractive public areas also make Tanzhaus an ideal place for networking. To reflect its multipurpose use, the new building was also fitted with a new access system. Private rooms, publicly accessible areas and rental space can be conveniently managed using ‘exivo’ access control from dormakaba. ‘exivo’ is a cloud-based access solution that can conveniently assign access online, from any location. Visitors therefore gain access using their own smartphone or RFID media and access times can be defined for specific spaces and for specific groups in the intuitively designed software.

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