Well-being and efficiency: Smart access solutions for the healthcare sector.


Hospitals, clinics, retirement and nursing homes, homes for dementia patients, psychiatries, medical centres, pharmacies, pharmaceutical facilities– for all these facilities and your individual areas, we offer a wide spectrum of services and varied portfolio of access solutions. State-of-the-art hardware and software for your particular situation, which you can customise to suit your individual needs. This lets you organise and secure operational processes in your facility.

Solutions for your health facility:

Property protection:
Double security for your premises and building.

Building security:
Needs-oriented, compliant protection of your building shell.

Indoor security:
Comprehensive access control of high security areas and the people flow in your building.

Secure access to private rooms:
Good balance of secure access and privacy.

Public visitor areas:
Smart design for a friendly look and reliable function.

Corridors and passagesways:
Easy implementation of convenient secure access in compliance with regulations.

Versatile accessibility:
Great variety of accessibility solutions to meet the access control needs in your building.

Barrier-free access to toilets:
Ease of access and security thanks to accessible automated door systems.

Emergency access:
Efficient promt emergency service for hospitals and clinics.

Comprehensive service portfolio for smooth operational processes.

Experience the access solutions in the University hospital St. Poelten in Austria: