Product Summary

Varitrans offers outstanding perspectives for generous spatial effects aligned to modern design. The operable, light-admitting glass elements are individually positionable and generate an overall visual impression of inviting openness and transparency. 

  • Openness with natural aesthetic allure
  • Elegant design for an integral appearance
  • iF-award winner
  • Flexible modular system with extensive design options and door solutions
  • Manual and fully automatic operating modes

Product Details

Partitioned without being really separate.

DORMA Hüppe Varitrans glass elements allow unimpeded view of the entire room and consequently are themselves almost imperceptible. Nevertheless, they create a functional entrance and closure in project builds capable of imparting atmosphere, elegance and generosity with unique style and panache. Variable, transparent room partitioning through individually operable glass panels.

The system offers extensive flexibility, enabling it to be adapted to virtually any kind of floor plan. Attractive glass designs can also be provided for individual room solutions offering both light admittance and allure.

Functional design combined with stylish quality

Multi-functional floor plan configuration: straight, angled and polygonal shapes possible
Functional elements invisibly integrated in the profiles
Manual and convenient ComfortDrive for fully automatic operation 
Aesthetically elegant, timeless solutions

Two product models:

  • Compactline: Slightly curved, attractively designed profiles
  • Metalline: Flush-recessed single-point stainless steel fixings


  • Element heights max.: Manual: 4,000 mm, Fully automatic: 4,000 mm
  • Element widths: 800 – 1,300 mm
  • Element weights max.: Manual: 300 kg, Fully automatic: 250 kg

Equipment and accessories

  • Glass: tempered safety glass or laminated safety glass
  • Large choice of element types with various angled types and door solutions
  • Minimal space requirement in the parked position
  • Compactline with additional vertical profiles possible

ComfortDrive – for spatial variation under fully automatic control

  • Fully automatic operation at the push of a button
  • High level of convenience thanks to fast opening and closing speeds of up to 250 mm/s
  • Easy operation thanks to self-explanatory touch screen
  • Possibility of combining several element types and systems
  • Reliable safety with automatic system trip on contact with obstructions; TÜV-GS tested for safety
  • Individually programmable in accordance with customer requirements
  • Segmented and curved track configurations also possible

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