Product Summary


  • Exceptionally quiet thanks to rails with a plastic coating
  • Handicap-accessible and operates smoothly
  • Suitable for wet rooms
  • High resistance to corrosion

Product Details

  • Quieter and smoother operation thanks to proven roller technology
  • High durability with a proven 50,000 motion cycles (according to DIN EN 1527)
  • Two visible and maintenance-free carriages for moving glass elements up to 80 kg
  • Positionable motion limiter for an accurate end position of doors for both the closing and opening direction
  • Floor guide with impressive functionality and attractive shape
  • Two-piece design for convenient installation
  • Seamless adjustment options 8 – 13.5 mm for secure glass element guidance

Technical Details

  • DIN EN 1527, Class 3
  • 4 glass through holes with 26 mm diameter as a basis for the glass connection

You can find additional technical information in the technical documents for download.


  • For indoor use
  • For installation on glass and wooden elements
  • Suitable for wet rooms

Manual sliding door system RSP 80
Manual sliding door system RSP 80
Manual sliding door system RSP 80

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