Product Summary

Real team work with new technology.

UNIVERSAL Motion shows real teamwork. The door always closes gently and thus ensures silence and constant temperature. A patch fitting with integrated selfclosing function is not just convenient but also efficient: The hydraulic technology proves its advantage without requiring a power supply and any visible mechanism. UNIVERSAL Motion is like a reliable employee with intrinsic values: the space-saving technology is integrated in the compact bottom patch fitting.

Eight reasons for the one.

  • Completely smart. In UNIVERSAL Motion, the door closing function is integrated in a compact, well-shaped unit. A subtly functional design.
  • Almost invisible. What looks like a patch fitting manages the closing of doors by itself. An additional floor spring is not required.
  • Clear savings. Less effort and cost-efficient. You need only two fittings for the self-closing swing door: UNIVERSAL Motion and PT 20.
  • Comfortable function. The door closes softly by itself. The hydraulic door movement is achieved simply in the fitting – without extra installation, without power supply.
  • Simple installation. UNIVERSAL Motion consists of very few parts. The glass door is clamped in the fitting. No prior changes to the floor are required.
  • For the existing building. Retrofitting is clearly simpler than before. The floor need not be sawn nor milled beforehand.
  • Simple positioning. The material and composition of the floor are not critical factors. You need to place only four vertical bores for the bottom pivot bearing.
  • Different surface finishes. The dormakaba colour palette creates systematic diversity. The colour spectrum corresponds to the standard UNIVERSAL fittings. A custom-made colour scheme as per RAL is also possible. Simply matches the contemporary interior.

Technical Details

Glass thickness: 10 + 12 mm

Door thickness: max. 1,000 mm

Door weight: max. 100 kg

Surface finishes: Stainless steel and aluminum

Variants: With / without 90° door held open


For use in public and private buildings and for indoor use, e.g.

  • Doctor's offices
  • Hotel rooms
  • Schools and universities
  • Office rooms
  • Private residences

Self-closing corner fitting UNIVERSAL Motion CloseUp
Self-closing corner fitting UNIVERSAL Motion CloseUp
Self-closing corner fitting UNIVERSAL Motion

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