TS 93 System Door Closer

The TS 93 system featuring the Contur design offers virtually every conceivable function for single-leaf and double-leaf doors. The rapidly decreasing opening torque makes it easy to open doors. The delayed closing action supplied as standard provides further convenience, e.g. when carrying objects through doorways. The visually attractive Contur design has received several awards. The electromechanical hold-open function and integral smoke detector can be fully incorporated into the TS 93 system. The TS 93 system can be used for door leaf widths of up to 1.600 mm.

  • Extensive range of models for barrier-free building
  • Easy opening of doors in accordance to DIN SPEC 1104
  • EASY OPEN technology
  • Delayed closing and backcheck as standard
  • For door leaf widths up to 1600 mm
  • For single-leaf and double-leaf doors

Product details

The perfect project solution for all applications

The TS 93 door closer system sets new standards in project builds and the tried-and-tested EASY OPEN technology ensures maximum user convenience.
The TS 93 door closer comprises a modular system which enables just a few door closer models to be combined with a number of different slide channels to meet virtually every conceivable functional requirement. Doors of varying designs can be equipped for a wide range of different applications.

Barrier-free design

The TS 93 EN 2-5 is ideal for barrier-free doors in accordance with German Industrial Standard (DIN) 18040 for door widths up to 1250 mm at a maximum opening torque of 47 Nm. The TS 93’s EASY OPEN technology ensures the door can be opened easily and conveniently (resistance decreases almost instantly as door opens), and thus also meets the requirements of German Industrial Standard (DIN) SPEC 1104 for single-leaf and double-leaf doors.

As a hold-open device or lock catching device, the TS 93 system is suitable for barrier-free building in accordance with German Industrial Standard (DIN) 18040. The delayed closing supplied as standard allows objects to be carried through doorways, for example, and is recommended in both German Industrial Standard (DIN) SPEC 1104 and in DIN 18040.


The TS 93 system is manufactured in line with the latest standards and features a voluntary environmental product declaration (EPD) in accordance with German Industrial Standard (DIN) ISO 14025, which is available in the download area. The availability of EPDs facilitates the achievement of building certification, such as DGNB and LEED.