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Complete home safety for residential buildings with secure, modern access solutions

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Safety and peace of mind in your home

Comfort, privacy, security: these are important factors that help make a house a home. It’s the job of building owners and landlords to ensure that residents have peace of mind in their homes while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere.

We provide a wide range of smart access and door solutions that secure homes against unauthorized access while allowing barrier-free entry to rooms and other spaces. Our products are easy and intuitive to use and feature a contemporary design that is both attractive and functional. We also provide comprehensive consulting for everything from planning to installation, ensuring your smart living solutions are customized according to your exact requirements.

Smart home access

Digital access control provides you security and contributes to your demand of a smart home, providing all the amenities you would expect of a modern residence. Our extensive and integrated access control solutions can be customized for any property.

Access to interior rooms and spaces

Part of being comfortable in your home is the convenience of being able to move from room to room without hindrance. Our innovative solutions make this possible.

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Comprehensive security

We offer security for your property, processes, systems and data – as well as your investment.

More convenience for tenants, visitors and property owners

We offer customizable, attractive, easy-to-use solutions that create an inviting atmosphere, simplify access management within your property and provide a seamless operational flow.

Sustainable building management

Our energy-saving, durable, high-quality products and services maximize your building value.

Holistic consulting

Professional teams of experts provide you with customized solutions and specifications to meet your individual requirements.

Integration into leading smart home systems

Our innovative access solutions can be integrated as part of a smart, forward-looking flexible home.

Solutions at a glance

Spotlight on: evolo smart

What does smart home access look like?


The electronic access management system evolo smart uses state-of-the-art technology to give you secure access to your home. Granting access authorizations to family members, neighbors and friends is easy, and you can choose between a card, key fob or smartphone to gain access to the property. You can also grant temporary access to your home on certain days or at certain times – for example, if a nanny or cleaner is coming by and you aren’t in. You can issue access media (card, chip, smartphone authorization, etc.) as required and enable and disable them in moments – so you can enjoy complete peace of mind in your own home.

Your benefits
  • Fast and convenient – easy programming via smartphone

  • Wide selection of access media – access via card, key fob or smartphone

  • Flexibility – delete and add access media for up to 50 users

  • Security – time-limited access

  • Transparency – you can see who has entered and exited the building and at what time

  • Range of door components available – choose from an extensive range of elegant, modern electronic keyless door locks and access media