Innovative access solutions for secure people flow

Access control systems that ensure seamless people flow

Solutions for seamless people flow and access control

Ensuring controlled people flow and security through access control systems

One of the biggest challenges in the design and construction of large-scale buildings such as railway stations, airports, hospitals and offices is the need for security while also ensuring an unhindered flow of people.

Managing people flows effectively enables even large numbers of people to move safely, swiftly and easily from a building’s entrance to their final destination – via any number of corridors, rooms and doors.

Common security requirements for buildings of this type include access restrictions and access control, including gathering data on people entering and leaving for subsequent analysis.

Our access control systems offer comprehensive access security and monitoring solutions. They can be fitted everywhere from impressive main entrances to secondary and functional doorways – our solutions are perfect for every situation.

Advanced access control solutions

Determining who has access when, where and for how long is the basis of a holistic access control that meets all your corporate requirements.

Main entrances with automatic sliding doors

The main entrance is a building’s calling card, and an inviting design that facilitates access is essential to a company's reputation.

Access protection through secure revolving doors

High-security revolving doors are an excellent access control option. With different security levels to choose from, they meet all your building security requirements.

Personnel locks for maximum interior security

Personnel locks are a particularly secure solution for controlling access to areas with particularly high security requirements.

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More convenience for tenants, visitors and property owners

We offer customizable, attractive, easy-to-use solutions that create an inviting atmosphere, simplify access management within your property and provide a seamless operational flow.

Comprehensive security

We offer security for your property, processes, systems and data – as well as your investment.

Efficient organization

We optimize operating processes that enhance security, transparency and efficiency saving you time, effort and costs in the long run.

Impressive technology

Technical innovation is key to our products and guarantees the future viability and flexibility of your business, as well as continuous improvements to your operations.

Intelligent solutions that allow access barrier-free and seamless people flow

Nowadays, accessibility is no longer a technical issue. Our intelligent door systems help make buildings and rooms easily accessible and usable for everyone.

Integrated cutting-edge technology

We automize and improve your passenger flow with innovative biometric technology solutions.

Solutions at a glance

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Comprehensive access control with Argus sensor barriers

Argus sensor barriers

Attractive and streamlined, our Argus sensor barriers make a striking first impression when visitors enter a foyer. Sensor barriers are the ideal solution for controlling the flow of people and verifying authorization, with access granted only to those with the correct credentials. This is confirmed via a transponder, badge or other access medium. Access is completely contactless and automated for maximum convenience.

Equipped with intelligent technology, our Argus sensors provide comprehensive access control while ensuring that any attempts to bypass the barriers are detected. This contributes to building security, offers a convenient way to control the flow of people, and supports visitor management.

Thanks to their modular design, our Argus systems are highly flexible, and can be quickly and easily adapted to your ever-evolving requirements – even as a retrofit. Argus is also fully compliant with escape route safety systems.