Product Summary

The electronic safe lock Axessor USB has been developed on the basis of the "easy-to-use" concept. It offers a wide range of functions particularly needed in medium to high security applications of safes with up to 14 locks.

Using state-of-the-art microelectronics, this safe locks provides a range of functions that is unparalleled. Main application fields are the financial and the retail industries, fast food restaurants as well as the domestic sector.

Axessor USB may not only be programmed through the keypad, but also with a computer. This allows even better adjustment to the customers needs by modifying additional settings.
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  • Flexible, reliable and intuitive lock system with up to 14 locks
  • Modular design with integrated inputs and outputs
  • Audit with over 10'000 entries

Product Details

EN 1300 B, VdS-Klasse 2, UL Type 1, ECB●S, A2P
VdS bolt switch for alarm systems class C


  • 1 Master code
  • 2 Manager codes
  • 18 User codes
  • 1 Courier code

Event history/Audit

  • Audit with time stamp (10'000 events)

Alarm Connection

  • Outputs
    • 2 Outputs (e.g. bolt position, duress alarm, additional trigger criteria programmable). Selectable polarity (NO or NC)*
  • Inputs
    • 2 Inputs (e.g. door contact, remote blocking, additional trigger criteria programmable). Selectable polarity (NO or NC)*

Power Supply

  • Battery and/or external power supply

Input Unit

  • Metal housing in black
  • Silicon rubber keypad with blue navigation keys
  • Integrated battery compartment
  • Large, contrasted LC display
  • Operator selectable display language
  • Buzzer
  • Built-in USB interface
  • Up to 14 locks

Lock Unit

  • Adaptable bolt function: Dead bolt/Spring bolt**
  • Latch bolt version** available
  • 5 N moving force in both directions
  • Dead bolt with 2 threads M4
  • Up to 14 locks per input unit

* with programming software
** non-VdS

Technical Details


  • Axessor USB
    • Metal housing in black, blue navigation keys
    • Built-in USB interface for audit output and programming by computer
    • Built-in terminals for alarm connection


  • Programming Software AS284-W
    • Runs on Microsoft® Windows® operating systems
    • Operator selectable language
    • Software package including cable and
    • NETW dongle for network programming or
    • USBW dongle for local programming
  • Audit-Software AS284-W for readout the cache memory
    • Runs on Microsoft® Windows® operating systems
    • Operator selectable language
    • Software package including cable and AUDITW dongle for read out the cache memory



  • Dual mode for opening (any group)
  • Individual or group code denial
  • Wrong try lockout after 4 false codes
  • Duress code (silent alarm)
  • Shelve function
  • Partial opening

Time Lock Functions

  • Normal time delay
  • Duress time delay
  • Confirmation window
  • Remote opening disable
  • Automatic DLST (summer/winter time changeover)*
  • Holiday periods
  • Yearly repeating holiday periods
  • Weekly time lock

Other Functions

  • Low voltage detection
  • Battery status display
  • Non-erasable opening counter
  • Selectable display of next opening time
  • Error diagnosis, recognition and display


Use the AS284-USBW software to configure Axessor Series products like Axessor USB, Axessor IP and Axessor CIT.

This software is for stand alone purposes only (no networking functionality).

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Safe Lock Axessor USB - Input Unit black

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