Product Summary

Thanks to its carriage, the RS 120 sliding door allows for the leaves to be noiselessly guided through the light and yet stable rails. Thanks to special wire rope technology, divergent double-leaf doors can be synchronously opened. Since only one leaf needs to be moved, it ensures the greatest-possible ease of operation for maximum passage widths. The system's mountings are designed in a way that the panes are securely held by the clamping effect alone.

  • Low-noise carriage and stable rails
  • Corrosion-resistant and highly-resilient
  • Easy locking in the end positions
  • Directly mounted onto the ceiling or wall
  • No glass processing
  • Customized insertion lengths possible

Product Details

  • Rails as hollow profiles, that are light and yet stabile and torsion-resistant
  • Carriages made of high-quality, glass-fiber reinforced plastic
  • Synchro systems can be implemented
  • Clip-on light-metal panels

Technical Details

  • Max. door leaf weight, 120 kg
  • Dimensions: 143 mm height, 52/73 mm width

You can find additional technical information in the technical documents for download.


For indoor use.

Sliding door RS 120
Sliding door RS 120

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