Product Summary

The Argus Air eGates from dormakaba enable a secure, smooth and reliable process for access to security-relevant areas of the airport. The sensors release access only to authorised passengers, thus enabling reliable separation of people and automated passenger processes while ensuring high security.

  • Fast passenger flow in the transit areas without waiting times
  • Controlled access for authorised passengers
  • Relief of security personnel who can devote themselves to other tasks
  • Easy integration into the existing infrastructure of airports
  • Maximum security thanks to optional integration of modern biometric systems
  • Low error detection rate despite different size and format of hand luggage items

Product Details

Argus Air Security

Airport staff are supported by our security gates for controlled access to the security area in the boarding pass control area - smoothly and efficiently. The biometric recognition data securely links the individual features to the boarding pass or ID card.

Argus Air Boarding

Boarding Gates support ground staff through the self-boarding process with speed and precision. This also gives them more time for individual assistance.

Argus Air Lounge

Automated access to the lounge relieves the burden on staff, allowing them to attend to their guests individually and to a high standard. The bi-directionality enables a comfortable process when entering and leaving the lounge area.

Argus Air Border

Secure and efficient passport control provides clarity and supports border officials with biometric facial recognition for rapid border control management.

Argus Air Security
Argus Air Boarding
Argus Air Lounge

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