Product Summary

DP800 series is newly designed premium push-pull intelligent door lock with one button. It is equipped with convenient push/pull handle, high secure automatic motor lock body and functions like hold to open fingerprints recognition, bluetooth etc. A new experience and a brand new push/pull function with no fixed direction.

  • Push & Pull lock with no need to adjust direction to open
  • Improved security with self locking mortise
  • Support open door with fingerprints, cards, passwords, mechanical keys, bluetooth or remote control (optional)
  • High resolution backlit keypad
  • Voice navigation
  • Hold to open, super convenient
  • High voltage prevention system
  • High temperature alarming function
  • Volume control and mute option
  • Emergency battery: TYPE-C and 9V battery
  • Encryption system for anti-hacking
  • Mechanical key override

Product Details

1. Push & Pull, convenient to use
2. Auto/Manual lock
3. Support 100 RFID cards
4. Support 100 fingerprints
5. Support 4 sets of passwords
6. Support one-time password
7. Double authentication(Card/Fingerprint plus Password)
8. Support delete single card
9. Alarm function for multiple-entry failure
10. High temperature alarming function
11. Alarm for break-in
12. Mute function
13. Volume control
14. Internal electronic lock
15. Internal safety handle (anti-pet open)
16. Mechanical key override

Technical Details

  • Install condition: Door thickness 40mm~75mm
  • Password registration: 4-12 digits, up to 4 sets of passwords
  • Card registration: 100 RFID cards
  • Fingerprints registration: 100 fingerprints
  • One-time password: 1 set one-time password (Hardware), bluetooth password (Through mobile phone)
  • Emergency Key: Mechanical key override
  • Voltage: DC 6V, 4 LR6 1.5V AA 4 Alkaline Batteries (Double set of batteries can help to extend product's lifecycle)
  • Emergency Power: TYPE-C, DC 9V Alkaline Batteries (Not included in package)
  • Material: Outer: Al, Zn, ABS, Inner: Zn, ABS

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