Quark Hotel, Italy

Hotel and parking area access control for a safe and cutting-edge sojourn experience at Quark Hotel Milano

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Access control with badge to rooms and parking areas in a Milan business and leisure hotel

Located in southern Milan, Quark Hotel Milano is becoming the benchmark for anyone who seeks comfort and a contemporary sensibility. With more than 200 elegantly furnished rooms and the city’s largest multifunction conference center in a hospitality setting, the hotel is an ideal choice for tourist and business visitors alike, thanks to its convenient location in a rapidly redeveloping area.

Following a restyling guided by the Aries Group management group and CaberlonCaroppi architectural studio, Quark Hotel Milano boasts a modern and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere with large suites that are among the most spacious in Milan.

Architectural studio: CaberlonCaroppi

Management group: Aries Group

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How do you combine security and style in a business and leisure hotel with access control?

  • The robust, modular and versatile hotel room locks match the hotel’s style, allowing convenient access with RFID readers.

  • A system that centralizes and simplifies access control, and guarantees guests and employees a smooth, safe experience.

  • Convenient access control for inside and outside parking areas.

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Access control with safe and reliable badges and RFID readers in a refined, modern hotel

Strategically located in southern Milan, Quark Hotel Milano is becoming a benchmark for anyone who seeks comfort and a sense of the contemporary. The perfect combination of business and leisure, the hotel offers 200 luxurious rooms and an advanced conference center. Following a refined restyling curated by architectural studio CaberlonCaroppi, the hotel has taken an innovative approach to design, transforming itself into a welcoming, modern space.

dormakaba contributed to this transformation by installing a cutting-edge access control system. Quantum RFID hotel locks offer personalized security, allowing guests safe and convenient access using an RFID card. These locks, integrated into the Ambiance system, guarantee centralized and intuitive access control to the hotel rooms.

Ambiance is the heart of this hotel access control system, simplifying the experience for employees and guests alike. Its intuitive user interface ensures flexibility and security. Access control to the underground parking area from the outside is secured by means of an RFID SR reader, and from the inside by means of a convenient dormakaba TS 93 door closer.

dormakaba solutions enhance the security of Quark Hotel Milano, guaranteeing maximum protection without compromise. Access control is now more efficient thanks to the centralized system, simplifying daily staff operations. Furthermore, the guest experience is significantly improved, enabling safe and convenient access control to the hotel’s rooms and parking areas.

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