Product Summary

There are many solid arguments calling for heavy duty simplicity and a classic design to meet the durability requirements of every-day uasage. Hence the development of the Junior Office Classic range of reliable, straightforward hardware for project builds.

  • Maximum door weight 60 kg
  • Lock design, europrofile, warded, WC, KABA or no lock
  • Design: 1- / 2-panel, side panel
  • Reliable under heavy use
  • Low-noise function (silent pattern)
  • Adjustable handle position

Product Details

dormakaba Junior Office Classic locks

Offering a timeless classic design, these locks are engineered for heavily frequented doors and thus designed to withstand the toughets treatment.

Professional system with multiple options

Junior Office Classic is a fully fledged professional system with multiple finish options and large variety of lock options, handles and hinges. Even frequent opening and closing can not shake Junior Office Classic.

Timeless, classic design offering good system coordination

The Junior Office Classic range offer coordinated hinge, lock and lever designs characteruzed by their simple, timeless elegance, with stainless steel predominating.

Technical Details

  • Max. door leaf weight, 60 kg
  • According to DIN EN 12209
  • UV, PZ, BB, WC, Kaba lock design
  • Design: 1-/2-panel, side panel

You can find additional technical information in the technical documents for download.


  • For use in public buildings
  • For indoor use, e.g.
  • Doctor's offices
  • Hotel rooms
  • Schools and universities
  • Office rooms
  • Private residences

Special fitting versions in an exceptionally high-quality, corrosion-proof design are available for use in humidors.

Fitting system OFFICE Classic
Fitting system OFFICE Classic
Fitting system OFFICE Classic

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