Product Summary

dormakaba Glas locks, levers, and accessories will meet all of your technical, aesthetic, and budget requirements— no matter where you install internal glass doors and no matter what the doors’ design, size, or type is.

  • Meet all aesthetic and budget requirements
  • Simple glass preparation
  • Extensive line of housings and handles
  • Firm fixing
  • Reliable operation

Product Details

dormakaba Studio Rondo

has a charm and neatness in its simple, uncluttered lines that serve to enhance the inherent beauty and character of tempered glass doors.

dormakaba Studio Classic

fits perfectly into functional designed surroundings, and with its slim shape it underlines the appearance of glass interior doors.

dormakaba Studio Gala

emphasizes the complete harmonic shape of locks and handles in a superior ambience.

dormakaba Junior Office

accessories are designed for demanding specifications to give reliable service in busy environments.

dormakaba Junior Office Classic

locks convince with timeless classic design. Engineered for highly frequented doors, they achieve a large stress capacity.

dormakaba ARCOS Studio

emphasizes the abundance and generosity of the glass surface. Each fitting underlines the value of transparency in interior architecture.

dormakaba ARCOS Office

glass door fittings are able to withstand heavy usage, day in and day out. Whether nonlockable or prepared for Europrofile cylinders, dormakaba’s ARCOS Office fittings have a long and successful track record, particularly in the project sector.

dormakaba TG Handles

are available in numerous designs and sizes, providing customized solutions to meet individual application requirements.

dormakaba ARCOS Handles

These beautifully crafted, highquality back-to-back handles combine a long service lifetime with attractive appearance.

dormakaba MANET Handles

Elegant, technologically advanced MANET handles deliver ideal solutions for a range of internal applications.

Simple glass preparation, firm fixing

dormakaba has extensive experience with glass in construction and has developed fittings that reduce glass preparation to the quick and easy drilling of a few holes. The carefully thought out design of dormakaba fittings provides maximum clamping area and optimum clamping force.

Reliable operation

Quality materials and robust construction guarantee an unsurpassed standard of durability and reliability.


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