Product Summary

dormakaba Interior Glass Wall Systems bring the benefits of glass to the workplace - transparency, daylighting, versatility, efficiency, space saving, and low cost of ownership. The wall systems come in a range of sleek but rugged minimalist designs and configurations so you can select the system that best matches your project's functional and aesthetic requirements.

  • Glass walls with sliding doors
  • Glass walls with pivoting doors
  • Enhanced privacy glass walls with sliding doors
  • Glass walls with wood door

Product Details

PURE™ - Glass walls with sliding doors

Frameless PURE™ Glass Walls with Sliding Doors create simple, elegant fronts with extended transparent sightlines. They work well wherever space is limited. A sleek top track and a small guide at the sill allow for a smooth transition between office and corridor.

PURE Enclose™ - Glass walls with pivoting doors

PURE Enclose™ Framed Glass Wall Systems provide the aesthetic advantages of glass walls with the added benefit of full framing. The 1-3/4" × 4-1/8" metal channels at the floor, ceiling, and walls effectively dampen sound transmission and add structural definition without impeding sightlines. Full framing also accommodates uneven floors that can make installing glass walls difficult.

Privé™ - Enhanced privacy glass walls with sliding doors

Privé™ Framed Glass Wall Systems provide the transparency of glass combined with features to enhance privacy and security. With an innovative blend of metal and glass, the Privé design fully frames the glass panels - adding rigidity and greater sound protection without interrupting sightlines. When fully closed, the door edge rests in a brush-lined channel built into the frame post.

Fusion™ - Glass walls with wood door

The Fusion™ Glass Wall design realizes an innovative mixed media concept: cool transparent glass walls merged with warm wood doors. Intriguing options become possible for both modern and traditional décors. Despite the sophisticated combination of elements, the design remains clean and simple - no door control hardware is visible on the door.

dormakaba REVEAL™ - Demountable glass walls with sliding or pivoting doors

dormakabaREVEAL™ Wall Systems are made from fully framed, demountable, double glass panels. By pairing transparency with high levels of sound protection, dormakaba REVEAL simultaneously provides openness and security. A busy conference room can be adjacent to private offices without causing noisy distractions. Behind transparent glass walls, a private conversation remains private.


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