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dormakaba is the world's leading supplier of self-boarding gates. dormakaba has installed thousands of gates around the world, and has unique experience in working with partners such as airlines, airport operators, architects and installers.


Long boarding times for passengers are one of the main causes of delays at airports. This results not only in inconvenience to passengers but also to security risks and costs running into the millions.

Self-Boarding Gates help reduce queues and improve service. While the majority of passengers go through these automatic gates to board the plane, the ground crew have more time to help those who need it, such as elderly or disabled passengers or passengers with small children.

Boarding pass control

Automated boarding pass control improves passenger flow when entering the departure zone on the way to security control.

Boarding pass control gates support airport staff in checking passengers’ boarding passes more efficiently. This in turn reduces the waiting times at the entrance to the departure lounge. This eliminates congestion and makes it easier for the airport security personnel to maintain control. 

Product Details


  • Faster flow of passengers thanks to shorter waiting times
  • Passengers board the right aircraft
  • Frees up more time for ground crew to carry out other tasks
  • First/business class passengers can be managed separately
  • Compatible with all biometric methods

Boarding pass control

  • The system prevents boarding pass misuse. It detects double use, for example.
  • By scanning the boarding pass, the system can inform the appropriate airline of the passenger’s whereabouts. The information can be used to decide whether luggage should be taken off the aircraft for late passengers.
  • First or business class passengers, VIPs and airline staff can be handled separately to reduce waiting times.
  • Passenger flow is improved, reducing congestion and waiting times outside the departure hall.
  • The gate allows passage with wheeled suitcases, backpacks and other luggage without triggering alarms.
  • Operators can benefit from detailed reporting, e.g. about passenger flow volume, pushing in or trying to go in the wrong direction.
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