Product Summary

The dormakaba TouchGo electronic locking system frees you from having to search for keys. A simple touch of the door handle is all it takes for the lock to recognize whether you are authorized to enter or not. Whether for private or professional use, as a stand-alone or online solution, dormakaba TouchGo is perfect for anyone who values comfort as well as security.

It's raining, you've packed your hands full with shopping bags, the contents of the letterbox are already stuck under your arm and you're standing in front of a locked door. Of course, the key is at the bottom of your pocket and you know that you won't get into the house either dry or without major dislocations. Or the classic situation in everyday business: Only a few minutes to the important team meeting. Quickly the mobile phone, the agenda, a ballpoint pen put on the dossiers, down the stairs and down to the outbuilding. Just oh dear, the badge is of course in the inside pocket of your jacket and it quickly becomes clear that the fragile file construct in your arms will fall apart at the first wrong movement. What would you give in cases like this if someone unlocked the door for you?

Product Details

What was once just part of science fiction movies is now a reality: doors unlock without having to look for a key.

The new TouchGo products are based on RCID technology developed by dormakaba. All you need to do is touch the metal receiver electrode – for example a door handle – to activate verification of your access right. It doesn’t matter where the TouchGo transponder is – in your pocket, jacket or on your belt.

Your advantages: you no longer have to search for your key or badge, your hands are free and you still have the proven high security standard of a dormakaba master key system.

Our business clients have even another reason to be happy: TouchGo can be seamlessly integrated into the dormakaba world of digital RFID products and thus, also into a CardLink environment.

Technical Details

The dormakaba c-lever pro door furniture with integrated TouchGo properties, available in either the E110 or E310 version:

  • E110 as pure TouchGo door furniture (RCID) for up to 100 users per door, manual programming is possible directly at the door furniture, without prior knowledge.
  • The E310 version detects RCID and RFID. For up to 1.000 users per door, it can be seamlessly integrated into the world of dormakaba systems. This offers the option of either manual or software-based programming. In addition, E310 can be either combined with any other RFID-based access system, or with dormakaba 's own access system components.
  • Transponder: available as key ring, card holder or arm band.

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TouchGo & c-lever pro

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