Digital Mortise Lock M5/M6

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  • digital-dock-lock-m-series-3
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Product Summary

You can now unlock your door with a simple touch and can even remotely monitor the lock status and share the digital key to any visitors. Designed for luxury apartments and houses, the dormakaba M series offers no compromise when it comes to reliability and performance, security, dependability and versatility in a modern design and finish.

  • Eliminates issues commonly associated with mechanical keyed locks.
  • Supports a variety of secured unlocking methods.
  • It’s easy to program the M locks for multiple users.
  • Can be used by trusted friends and family members without risking yourhome security.
  • Offers smart phone access for M locks.
  • BLE and Zigbee
  • Module can control access precisely for visitors/normal users/or short period stay users according to specific places and time periods.
  • Set the access rights.
  • Digitalize your access while continuing to independently use the mechanical key system.
  • Can carry on using your lever handle and – you can also keep.
  • RFID access media can be used for other applications that you already have in use in your organization.
  • Ease of installation and use.
Product Details
  • Door remains unlocked on the inside locked on the outside.
  • Modern, high tech design.
  • Ideal for apartments and units.
  • Automatically locks when you close the door.
  • Know the door status at any time or anywhere
  • Remotely unlock or share digital key to visitors

M5 Model:

The M5 digital door lock features a Card Key entry or PIN Code entry system, remote control for added flexibility and mechanical key override.

M6 Model:

The M6 digital door lock features a Fingerprint entry, Card Key entry or PIN Code entry system, remote control for added flexibility and mechanical key override.

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