91 60 Face Recognition

  • 91 60 Face Recognition


  • 91 60 Face Recognition

Product Summary

Facial Recognition Terminal 91 60 is one of the latest in a series of Touch-free Solutions offered by dormakaba. With its sleek and modern design, 8-inch LCD touch screen, high-speed processing, and large storage capacity, FR 91 60 is definitely the facial recognition technology of choice for your safety and security needs.

With the incredible range of the FR 91 60, 1:50,000 user identification can be carried out in just one second.

Product Details

Easy Personnel Enrollment
Easy personnel enrollment and all configurations are available on both 8” Touch Screen local UI or remote software (Web UI).

High Security

  • Live face detection (image/video will be denied)
  • Enhanced security with Android 8.1 Lollipop

Self-illumination Recognition

  • Brightness-adjustable lights to ensure ideal lighting conditions for facial recognition

Different types of brackets available to suit various installation requirements

Product Downloads

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