Looking at a cylinder

Mechanical key systems – your keys and lock cylinders under control at all times

Mechanical door locks and lock cylinders are the easiest and most secure way of protecting your property. With our security solutions and our extensive product portfolio, we are your point of contact for hotels, shops, sports facilities, airports, hospitals, in the office or at home.
We offer various options for organising a locking system for your individual locking solution. We can provide you with our dormakaba penta Mechanical key systems with flexible keylink planning software, which leaves almost all options for future expansion of the unit open to you.
Two different lock cylinder systems to choose from: regardless of whether you are looking for reversible keys or serrated keys, with our numerous, different cylinder designs, you will find the matching solution for every requirement. Our lock cylinders are also easy to combine with an RFID clip with electronic lock cylinders or electronic access control.

From individual closing to complex locking systems – find out more about our locking system options.

Lock cylinders with reversible keys. We offer you security combined with convenience

Secure and flexible – our lock cylinders with serrated keys