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Electronic door locks

Our electronic door locks offer a smart, seamless and secure access experience. They can be combined with other standalone-operated electronic door components such as digital cylinders or online readers to solve nearly any door situation, enabling smart access control. Our door locks ensure that your access system remains secure even if access media are lost. They seamlessly integrate into other dormakaba systems and support the latest communication technologies such as RFID, Wireless or Bluetooth® technology.

Our products have a modular concept, which enables easy adding of door components for scalability and adaptability. This allows you to expand your access system according to your needs. The combinable products in the same uniform design offer long-term investment protection, providing a complete and customized access solution that fits your unique requirements.

Use & Function
Our high-quality electronic door locks come in a modern, unified design, offering a range of features to help you grant access rights with ease. With pre-determined activation and expiration times, you can allow temporary access for visitors without compromising the security of your building. Easily assign individual access rights with specific time windows, benefiting from a flexible choice of access media, including mobile devices, transponders, smart keys, or key fobs with RFID. If a key is lost, the relevant access right easily can be revoked without having to exchange the door lock, saving you time and money. Our smart door locks support the Mobile access function, enabling you to send access rights to users' smartphones via the dormakaba mobile access app.

What is an Electronic Door Lock?
An electronic door lock is a locking mechanism that uses an electronic signal instead of a traditional key. Our electronic door locks offer both acoustic and visual signalization and can be operated using various access media, including mobile devices, transponders, smart keys, badges or key fobs with RFID. They are designed to support a range of features, such as the ability to grant temporary access rights, assign time- and room-specific access rights, door event recording, easy badge management, easy updates to constantly meet the latest security levels and much more. and support the Mobile access function. They are flexible, convenient, and ideal for a variety of applications.

Discover the c-lever series by dormakaba - an electronic door furniture that provides both security and design for your doors.

  • The c-lever pro door furniture is ideal for both interior and exterior doors and offers a high level of security against break-ins and fires, while also providing solutions for escape routes.
  • The c-lever air with its extremely flat design is made for inside use in contemporary architecture, modern offices, museums, and galleries.
  • The c-lever compact, being a smart electronic door handle, is independent from the cylinder and lock, so the cylinder can usually stay. Coming in a smart, rotatable design, it blends well into any office space or areas where access control is required. Also suited for glass doors, with a wide choice of lever handles.

Choose a variant that meets your needs and enjoy the convenient benefits of an electronic door lock.

Key Benefits:
Unlock the benefits of electronic door locks with dormakaba's wide range of access components. Our door locks are designed to meet your unique access requirements, overcoming the challenges of every access point with our dynamic and versatile product portfolio.

  • High-quality and award-winning design
  • Unique and combinable range solves nearly any door situation
  • Maintain security of your access system even if access media are lost
  • Seamless integration into nearly all dormakaba systems
  • Ability to quickly grant access rights with pre-determined activation and expiration times, such as temporary access for visitors
  • Easy updating, upgrading and maintenances
  • Standalone wireless operation mode, meeting individual requirements
  • No expensive wiring, the components run on long-lasting batteries
  • High security level through special encryption technologies
  • Many functionalities, versions and many options
  • Audit trail can store a substantial amount of door events (option)
  • Mobile access function: send access rights to users' smartphones via the dormakaba mobile access app, door entry by mobile device (option)
  • Nice choice of access media including mobile devices, transponders, access cards, smart keys, or key fobs with RFID
  • Can be used for individual access points all the way up to large systems, covering nearly all door situations, making them versatile and suited to a wide range of applications.

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