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Mobile Access Solutions

Making mobile access a reality — simply and securely

Issue and manage guest keys on mobile devices. The mobile mindset of today’s generation demands choice of service, giving guests the opportunity to fully control their travel experience. With dormakaba Mobile Access Solutions, hoteliers can meet those demands by turning the mobile device into a service tool, providing a convenient way for guests to fully-control their travel preferences. From secure room access, to taking advantage of hotel accommodations and services, in-stay features available on mobile devices simplify travel and enhance the overall guest experience while driving revenues and adding value to the hotel brand. TEST

Your overall mobile platform integrated with dormakaba technology delivers a more personalized, interactive guest experience.

Convenient, reliable and secure for both the hotel property and guests, dormakaba Mobile Access Solutions is an end-to-end mobile credential application utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the preferred communication technology for dormakaba mobile-enabled RFID hotel locks. The mobile access solution integrates seamlessly with the hotel locking system providing a cloud-based platform to securely issue and manage keys on mobile devices.

With dormakaba Mobile Access Solutions, guests have the ability to bypass the front desk check-in process and proceed directly to their room. What’s more, they can move freely about the property using their mobile device to access any common area in the hotel requiring a room key.