Product Summary

Do More Than Ever Before by Updating to Cencon 5 Software

Kaba Mas is constantly improving the Cencon software so that the changing needs of your Financial Organization are met. By enhancing the functions available at the dispatch center, your company’s processes will be streamlined, further increasing your return on investment for the Cencon System. As your business grows with more ATMs, you can continue to trust your partnership with Kaba to keep up with new security and technology requirements the industry dictates.

Customers dispatching One-Time-Combinations™ in FLM or Route mode will use the Cencon software to manage their locks and user keys. Each Cencon customer has a unique security code encrypted to the USB Key Box that accompanies this software. All actions are stored in the activity log’s record of events and are tracked by the particular user who was logged into the software.

Cencon Software supports the following database engines:

  • Microsoft® 2008 Express or higher, for stand-alone or LAN applications.

  • Microsoft® SQL 2008 Server, Standard or Enterprise Editions or higher, Oracle 10g and higher for network applications. (Customer must obtain software/ license separately.)

Product Details

New Features/Improvements

  • Updated database SQL operations to use a forward only cursor to improve wide area network operations. This was done to improve system performance and allows for compatibility with Windows 8. As a result, larger reports in Cencon now load more quickly.

  • Added support for checking lock audit event dates to determine the correct user name to display. User keys are often renamed or deleted and reused. Thus, different user names were assigned to a user key at different points in time. The key serial number from the audit pulled is compared against the active user table as well as the user history table to determine the correct user name to display.

  • Improved CenBank import in the DBSetupUtility, allowing for easier transition from legacy CenBank software to Cencon 5.

  • Added a lock serial communications operation to cancel a dispatch and advance a mode of network connected lock to the next combination. This operation is used to cancel the dispatch of a mode of a Cencon Gen 2 or higher lock that is connected to a network IP address. It does this by checking the status of the lock to determine if the dispatched user has reached the lock and opened it. If the user has opened and closed the lock, this operation closes out the dispatch and returns that the user already opened the lock. If the user has not opened the lock, then the combination for that mode of the lock is advanced to the next combination at the lock, and the dispatch is force closed in the Cencon database.

  • Improved threading of Cencon reports to allow simultaneous report operations.

  • Made database query speed tuning improvements for sets of strings, to improve performance of retrieving large lists of strings from the database.

  • Improved performance of database checks at Cencon startup, by making them operate in parallel (multi-threaded) to hide network latencies for the individual database queries for checking each table. Each database table check operates in its own thread.

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