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  • evolo manager

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  • evolo Manager application
  • evolo manager
  • dormakaba evolo Manager Mobile Access
  • dormakaba evolo Manager Programming
  • dormakaba evolo wheel KEM en

Product Summary

Efficient, simple, and intuitive

Manage your access control system easily with the network-capable dormakaba evolo Manager (KEM) software. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you keep an overview of all access and system events at a glance. At the same time, the dormakaba evolo Manager enables you to grant time- and location-specific access rights. With KEM you can manage users, media, and door components intuitively and efficiently.

But that’s not all: The current KEM Version 6 offers the convenient Mobile Access function which allows you to use your own smartphone as an access medium. With it, you are able to open your doors without having to search for additional access cards or keys.

  • Many programming options
  • Efficient and user friendly
  • Overview and monitoring
  • Mobile access function
  • Wireless function
  • Comprehensive product portfolio
  • Elegant solution for lifts
Product Details


The KEM system has various benefits that range from user-friendly programming to wireless transmission of access data and intuitive and clear menus:

  • Flexible programming: depending on your needs, you can choose between manual programming with a master card at the door, the version with additional software on the PC and transmission via a programming device or the advanced wireless programming using the wireless function*
  • User-friendly system: users appreciate the convenient, wireless NFC transmission of access data to the door component and the practical configuration and maintenance. Furthermore, the system’s clear display and analysis of door events have proven to be very helpful.
  • Simple workflows: KEM offers intuitive menus and wizards.
  • Scalability and flexibility: you can adapt the system to your needs thanks to the large selection of components and access media.
  • Solution for practically all access situations
  • combinable products which can be integrated in the same long-lasting and comprehensive design
  • Free choice of access media: enter by mobile phone, card, transponder, smart key or key fob
  • Easy to enlarge, alter and co-manage existing mechanical master key systems

* depends on functionality and hardware

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